Gastronomy Florianópolis: Didge Steakhouse Pub

Didge, the taste of Australia right here in Florianópolis. At least, it is their proposal to be an Australian steakhouse cuisine. I know nothing about Australian food to confirm that for you, but I really liked what I ate there. It is located in Florianópolis downtown.

So, going there you will have these main options: finger food, salads, steaks & meats, burgers & sandwiches, desserts and of course the beverages. There are many options, and looking at the menu you feel like eating everything. Buuut, this is not a cheap place. And to get inside you also have to pay a fee, R$ 15,00 (US$ 4.44), for the band that will be playing or you can stay outside, there are tables on the sidewalk and you don't have to pay this fee if you sit there. Looking at their website it seems that everyday of the week someone is there playing. The songs are not Australian.

I went there thanks again to Peixe Urbano, an online marketplace (I will leave the link here so you can check, but it is not in English 😑). I already told about this marketplace in other posts here on the blog and I advise you to always take a look there before going somewhere, because the restaurant you are interested in may have a coupon.

When you don't want to spend too much money, using a coupon, you will have less options. And that's what happened with me. With the coupon that I bought I could only choose between the burgers, which is not bad news. There are 3 types of burgers and 1 type of sandwich to choose from. The day I went there I ate the Ozzy burger: angus burger, cream cheese, coleslaw salad with pineapple, carrot, cabbage and herbs. I was bold that day, because normally I just eat the basic one. Anyway, this burger costs R$ 29,70 (US$ 8.76) and come with an Uluru sauce and fries as a side dish. But, I paid R$ 37,80 (US$ 11.15) for the coupon, which covered two burgers. Just to be clear I ate just one burger, the other one was my boyfriend's.

The other burger options are the Classic burger R$ 27,90 (US$ 8.23), the Pepperoni burger R$29,90 (US$ 8.87) and the Smoked burger R$ 29,50 (US$ 8.70). You can check the menu on their website here (in Portuguese), but unfortunately they don't share the prices. 

Ozzy burger.

Since I was saving, thanks to the coupon, I decided to try one of their cocktails. The chosen one was Piña Colada R$ 22,90 (US$ 6.75), that I was dying to try because lately I've been listening too much "Escape" by Rupert Holmes ("Yes, I like Piña Coladas..."), listen to it, it has a good vibe 😉. But, there are many other cocktail options like Mojito R$ 18,90 (US$ 5.57), Sex on the Beach R$ 21,90 (US$ 6.46), Margarita R$ 22,70 (US$ 6.69)... Oh, yes, the Piña Colada was very good.

Piña Colada.

I don't have anything to say about the other dishes, but the pictures on the menu were amazing. All my conclusions are based on the burgers. Therefore, I recommend Didge very much for the burgers. And if you go there and try some other things or even the burgers leave here on the comments below what you think 😊.

The good news are that they also have an establishment in Joinville and in Balneário Camboriú. 


AddressAv. Beira Mar Norte nº 1976 - Centro, Florianópolis.

P.S.: The prices and conversions mentioned refer to March/April of 2018.

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