Florianópolis Gastronomy: Esquina 42 Food Park and Food Park Arena

Food trucks are a fever in Brazil nowadays. And in Florianópolis it couldn't be different, you will find food truck parks all over the city, including at Lagoa da Conceição (click here to read the post about this neighborhood). But in this post I will be talking about two food parks that are side by side located at Santa Mônica, they are Esquina 42 Food Park and Food Park Arena.

The best part of having two food parks near each other is the fact that there are much more options to choose from. The food trucks that are parked there vary sometimes, so maybe you eat a burger today and in the next week you will have to choose the burger from another place since that first one is not there anymore. 

Burgers from Chef na Van.

There you will find burgers, baguettes with different fillings, Thai food, Greek food, Italian food, crepes, pastéis (a typical Brazilian dish, consisting of a thin crust pie with some filling, being the most common ground meat and cheese), cocktails, beer, milk-shakes, donuts, waffles.... and the list goes on. As I said many, many options.

I've been there more than once and I already tried burgers from two different places, one crepe, the Greek food (my favorite, so far), the milk-shake and the donuts. 

Greek food (sandwich) from Gyros Truck.

They are opened only during the night, and if you want to have dinner there I'd say that you will spent around R$ 30,00 (
≈ US$ 9.01) plus the dessert that I can't inform the prices because it varies a lot.

Donuts from Miss Donuts.

Another nice thing about going there instead of a food court in a mall is the live music. Normally when I go there I take a look on both food parks, but in 95% of the times I eat in the Esquina 42, where I think there are the best options. And all the times I ate there someone was playing a guitar and singing. 

I like very much that ambient, the decoration, the songs, the food (of course), it is perfect for going in couple, with a group of friends or with your family. I mentioned the mall before because just two blocks away from the food parks there is a mall, but I particularly don't like the food options we have there.

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