Balneário Camboriú: Hotel Plaza Camboriú - Accommodation Tip

Long story short, my boyfriend's parents came to Santa Catarina during their vacations. They chose to visit Balneário Camboriú and also Florianópolis. So they invited us to go to Balneário and stay there with them. We arrived in Balneário on Friday morning and left on Sunday morning.

While in Balneário we stayed in the Hotel Plaza Camboriú. Fernando's mom was the one that chose it. She also paid for me, so I don't know exactly how much it costed, but I've made some research and a couple's bedroom costs around R$ 220,00 (US$ 63.55).

This hotel is located in the city center, near it (just crossing the street) there is a mall called Atlântico, many commercial establishments and restaurants. So if you wanna shop or if you forgot to bring something and you have to buy it, this is a good location. At least, during summer these shops stay open till late, around 10 pm or 11 pm.

Three blocks away from the hotel there is the beach. 

View from my room.


Me and Fernando stayed in a bedroom for two people. It had one double bed and two single beds. Also there was a table in front of the biggest bed where you can work or, like us, leave the mess (Hahaha). In the bedroom there was a minibar with some beverages inside, like sodas, water and beers, normally we buy this things on the market, because on the hotel they are more expensive, but in any emergency it is good to know that we have that option. Outside the fridge they also left some chocolate bars and chips, also for a specific price.

There isn't exactly something that I call a wardrobe, but there was a shelf, a very big shelf where you can put your clothes. And in a part of the shelf a place to hang the clothes. A TV and an air conditioning are available. 

At last, the bathroom. I would describe it as a normal bathroom, with a shower stall, a sink with a very good space to leave the beauty products and a toilet. It was possible to choose between hot or cold water for the shower and the tap. They also provide towels, soap and shampoo. And the bathroom is equipped with a hair dryer.  


The breakfast is included on the price. There is a big variety of things. For beverages they have juice (normally of two different flavors), coffee, milk, tea and yogurt. To eat you can choose from healthy food or junk food already on the breakfast. So they offer different types of fruits like banana, papaya, watermelon, pineapple and melon. But there are a lot of breads, and for fillings there is cheese, ham, butter, jams, omelet, and the list goes on. They also serve waffles and cakes. I ate breakfast there three times and the cakes were different each day.

They have a small section with lactose-free products, like milk, yogurt, cookies, jelly and cake. I think they are right to think about this, but the table has few options, maybe because people don't usually eat.

We arrived there on Friday morning and our check in was just after lunch, so to eat breakfast that day we had to pay, it costed R$ 26,00 (US$ 7.51).

This is the kind of breakfast that if you want to eat a small piece of each option you will leave the place rolling (Hahahaha). That was my case. The good thing about it, is that you won't feel hungry again for a long time and maybe you can skip lunch.

The breakfast room, in my opinion, was small. But everyday we were able to find a table.

Lactose-free products.

Breakfast room.


I'm happy to say that this hotel has a pool (Yaaay), but sad to tell that I didn't enjoy it. The pool room stays open until 10 pm and it has a heated swimming pool. The only time I went there (just to see the place) was already late, I think 9 pm, and there wasn't many people there.

Near the pool room there is a terrace from where you can have a good view of a part of the city. In this space there are some pool chairs for you to relax, and maybe read a book. 

From the terrace you can have access to a gaming room, this one I enjoyed that night. There are games like Foosball, snooker and table tennis. They are old, but still good enough to have fun. I think me and Fernando stayed there for one hour. Also inside the gaming room there is a TV room for kids.

The entrance of the hotel is big with the reception desk and then some armchairs scattered around the room. On some evenings there was a pianist playing there. 

The entrance.


In general, every person from the hotel I got in touch with were very nice and polite. 

The majority of the guests were elderly and Argentine. It was very funny our meetings with them at the elevator (Hahaha).

This is a great place to book and spend your time while in Balneário. If it fits your budget I advise you to stay there. We didn't have any problems and it was as expected.


Address Av. Brasil, 1410 - Centro, Balneário Camboriú.

Website (Portuguese):

P.S.: The prices and conversions mentioned refer to March/April of 2018.