Florianópolis Review: Floripa SUP Club

Floripa SUP Club is one of the options to practice stand up paddle boarding at Lagoa da Conceição (click here to read a post on the blog about Lagoa da Conceição). When walking through the main avenue you will see many people offering stand up paddle. So why did I choose this one? Because there was a sale (Hahahaha!) on an online marketplace called Peixe Urbano (I will leave the link here so you can check, but it is not in English 😑). 

Anyway, I paid R$ 10,90 ( US$ 3.34) for 30 min, but the normal price is R$ 20,00 ( US$ 6.12), even though I heard them giving a discount for a couple, instead of paying R$ 40,00 ( US$ 12.24) the couple paid R$ 30,00 ( US$ 9.18), so always ask for a discount. And I liked very much this particular place. I had never practiced stand up paddle before, so the instructor showed how to hold the row and how to handle it, very simple rules which made a big difference when I was trying. 

After this brief introduction you are free to paddle around. There is a limit, from where the lagoon is deeper and the traffic of boats is allowed, so the recommendation is to never cross that, which is very difficult since the wind and waves carry you.

It was a very nice experience. When your time is up they use an whistle to call your attention and scream your name, so you come back. I think they forgot about me and I stayed more than 30 min there. 

The people are very pleasant, so I would recommend Floripa SUP. And they also offer kayaking.

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