Florianópolis: Lagoa da Conceição

Lagoa da Conceição (lagoa means lagoon or pond in English) is a very touristic neighborhood in Florianópolis and it is located in the east side of the island. From there you have access to some of the most famous beaches: Mole Beach, Galheta Beach (a nudist beach) and Joaquina Beach. Also there is a trekking where you can walk through the coast of the lagoon, called Costa da Lagoa Trekking.

The lagoon that gives the name to the neighborhood is suitable for swimming and there are some water sports that you can practice, for example stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, pedal boating, jet skiing, and hydroflying. There are also boat rides that show you the coast of the lagoon, the one I was offered, but didn't take, lasts for one hour and they stopped in a part of the lagoon where you can jump from the boat and bath. Related with water, one last thing I can mention is the small marina.


Another sport you can try there is sandboard on the dunes. The dunes are super beautiful, so even if you don't wanna do sports it is worth to go there and take a look on all that white sand with some green spots of vegetation.  

Lagoa da Conceição is also famous for the amount of restaurants, there are so many options. You can eat from sea food, which I think are the most expensive type of food, to hamburgers, there are some food truck parks and they have more than just hamburgers as options. You will also find pizza places, Japanese restaurants, cafés and pubs. Lagoa's nightlife is one of the most famous in the island.

Near the marina you will find a square where people sell their handmade work, like necklaces, rings, dream catchers and products like vegan soaps. In this same square there is a monument in honor to women who do bobbin lace, which is a handmade type of lace. This bobbin lace tradition was brought by the Azorean colonizers. Nowadays it is more difficult to find women doing this work, I didn't see any there. But normally they are making and selling towels, bedspreads and garments. 

Monument in honor to women who do bobbin lace.
To arrive there you always have the car option, just select Lagoa da Conceição on your GPS and follow it. Or you can go by bus, there is a bus terminal called Tilag (Terminal de integração da Lagoa da Conceição) from where you can easily walk to the center of this neighborhood which is where the activities and most part of the restaurants are located. Many buses departing from other terminals of the city go to Tilag. 

One important note is that if you want to go to one of the beaches I mentioned above take a bus from Tilag. You can always walk, but it is a considerable distance and once inside the terminal you can freely transfer to another bus.

As you can see Lagoa da Conceição is a great place to spend the day and the night, if you are interested in any of the things above. And it is a great place to stay because there are hotels, hostels and camping.

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