Florianópolis Gastronomy: Zeus

I finally found a place with ice cream self-service (Yaaay). I've been looking for a place like this for a while and near the neighborhood where I live there aren't any. Zeus is located in a neighborhood called Santo Antônio de Lisboa.

Zeus is not a place just to eat ice cream but also to drink coffee and eat burgers. I went there just for ice cream, so I have no idea how good or not are these other options. Also, I was not able find a menu to check the prices.

But I recommend the ice cream, it costs R$ 55,00 per kilo ( US$ 16.85) and I paid R$ 9.25 ( US$ 2.83) for my portion, the red one in the picture below. This is not cheap.

I went there during the carnival festivities, so the place was decorated with masks and hats that you could borrow to take pictures. Another nice thing, is that there is a tree inside of the establishment. And outside there are some tables to enjoy some windy and fresh air. Yes, windy! All this neighborhood is on the coast so even though it was a summer day there was a really strong wind, and a cold sensation.

The service was really good, the place was crowded because of the carnival, but we were able to find a table inside and a waiter was running around to clean the tables before new customers sat.


Address Rodovia Gilson da Costa Xavier, 40 - Santo Antônio de Lisboa.

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