Book Review: It

I must start saying that this is the book with the most quantity of topics separating it that I've ever seen, really. It is separated in Parts, Chapters (as shown in the index) and Sub-chapters, besides the Interludes. It is also the biggest (in number of pages) book I've ever read, there are 1102 pages (in my edition) and even though some parts of the book are very descriptive and with more information than necessary reading it was faster than I've imagined. 

This story takes place in Derry a town in Maine where strange things used to happen. Every 27 years (approximately) very violent events happen in the town. People who live there know that something is not right, but they always look the other way. This story alternates between 1957/1958 and 1985 (the 27 years period). 

The book starts with George's death in front of a storm drain when one of his arms is ripped out. What killed him is the whole mystery of the book. His death starts the violent period in 1957, and from this day during 1957 and 1958, kids start to disappear mysteriously. 

Just like the universe was making it happen seven kids get united in that same year (1957). All of them have seen strange things happen, but they were able to escape death. One of the boys in that group is Bill, George's brother, who wants revenge for his death. Slowly they discover the reason why Derry is "haunted" and they call it It.  While kids they face It and promise to come back if It starts to attack again. Which is exactly what happened 27 years later. So somehow they are forced to keep the promise and to come back to Derry.

Yes, this is just a summary of a summary of a summary of the book. But It is so much more than that. Whoever read it knows that what I wrote above is nothing. It was difficult to summarize the book like this, but I did it so people can have a GENERAL context of what the book is about, even though now with the movie and the fame of the story many of you already know.

One important thing is that sometimes at the end of a chapter or sub-chapter the story the author was telling is not finished and you think: "OMG! OMG! Is he going to explain this later, right?" And the answer is YES, it is not for nothing that this is an enormous book.

Another important comment is that this book is more than you will be imaging. Well, at least for me, it was. The answers at the end are surprising, crazy, bizarre, I can not find the right adjective to describe them, just that they are beyond imagination. 

Lastly, this is NOT a SCARY book. Really. And I am easily scared. There are some thriller parts and mainly in the beginning that you do not know what is behind all of this you may have a fear feeling.

About the movie (part I), that tells the story in 1957/1958, I have to say that is not as half as intense, dense and compelling than the book. I liked the movie, but the book left me speechless. It is worth, VERY MUCH, to read the 1102 pages. 

The book has an end and it is not open, but I could've read more and more of this story!

P.S.: I've read this book in Portuguese.