Recipe: Brigadeiro

It is impossible not to love this traditional Brazilian candy, normally translated to English as Brazilian chocolate balls. Brigadeiro is very traditional in birthday parties, I grew up having it in all my birthday parties and waiting madly for my friends' birthdays so I could eat it again. But there is a rule, you can only eat the brigadeiro and all the other candies after the happy birthday song.

The brigadeiro's recipe is not at all difficult so nowadays I just make it whenever I want, without having to wait for a birthday party. Also, here in Brazil, you can find it in almost any bakery.

But today I am going to teach you how to make this recipe so you don't have to wait any more to eat this delicious candy. This recipe I am going to show you is for the most traditional brigadeiro, because you know, nowadays everything became gourmet and brigadeiro was not diferent, therefore, here in Brazil, you will find different flavors of it.


1 condensed milk can (395 g)
3 table spoons of  chocolate powder
2 table spoons of butter


With all the ingredients inside a pan, put it in a medium - low heat and start stiring. You have to stir all the time otherwise the mixture will stick to the bottom of the pan. Also, if it starts to boil, lower the heat. If you don't stir very well you will have lumps in your brigadeiro.
You will know that it is ready when using a spatula you draw a line "slicing" the mixture, if the mixture takes a while to fill the gap again your brigadeiro is ready.

Pour it on a plate and wait for it to cool down. Now, you have some options, you can eat it just like this hot or cold with a spoon, or, you can put it on the fridge and when it is cold you can make some balls and roll them in chocolate sprinkles. This second option is normally the way you will find brigadeiro in parties or to buy.

I told you it is not difficult and you can look at the photos to get inspired and to see if you are doing it right. Leave any questions in the comments bellow. And make this recipe ASAP, you won't regret.

PS: It is not that difficult to find condensed milk, serious. I lived in a small town in Finland and I found it at the supermarket.