Florianópolis: Travessa Ratclif

Looking for a place to spend the late afternoon drinking, eating and hanging out with friends? You just found one in Florianópolis. Travessa Ratclif is an alley in Florianópolis downtown filled with pubs. I heard people like to go there because beer is cheap. I don't understand about beer prices, but this orange place at the left corner, called Canto do Noel, sells 1 liter for R$ 13,00 (approx. US$ 4.02).

The food however is not so cheap. At Canto do Noel fries can cost from R$ 18,00 (approx. US$ 5.59) to R$ 32,00 (approx. US$ 9.93) depending what accompanies it. The other pubs around also sell burgers. 

I bought one from Ratcliffs bar e hamburgueria and I paid R$ 18,90 (approx. US$ 5.87) for a burger that had the most delicious bread (pão Roseta) I ever ate, but that was kinda small for the price since most people who ate it were still hungry after. I didn't take a picture of the burger because I was starved and the moment it appeared in front of me I just swallowed it. 

The burger took a while to get ready and some of my friends ordered fries from Canto do Noel and it took a very long time to arrive. I think this was the worst part about these places.

There was some live popular Brazilian music, cheering people up. The most excited people were singing together with the band. When I think about it I have the feeling that this place is pretty Brazilian. So if you want to have one Brazilian experience I recommend you to go there.

As useful information I can tell you that Canto do Noel serves feijoada for lunch on Saturdays. Feijoada is a typical Brazilian dish that consists of a stew of beans with pork. I still didn't have the opportunity to taste their feijoada, but friends recommended and I recommend feijoada.

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