Florianópolis: Lagoinha do Leste Trekking

Meet Lagoinha do Leste.

If you want to know exactly what Lagoinha do Leste means I can translate it literally as  "small pond of the east". So this is a location in Florianópolis (South of the island) - Santa Catarina that is only accessible by trekking or boat.


First of all you have to decide how to go to the South of the island. I was lucky for having a friend with a car, so we just adjusted the GPS and followed it. But it is possible to go by bus. To find bus routes I normally use Moovit. I have made a route with it and there are buses departing from the central terminal, the estimated time is around 80 min. You also can go with Uber, knowing that downtown is pretty far away from South, so you might spend a reasonable amount of money.

OK. Now, you have to choose which trekking you are going to do, because there are 2 possible ones to reach Lagoinha, one starting at Matadeiro Beach and one starting at Pântano do Sul.

The one from Matadeiro Beach is the longest, having around 4 km, but it is the most beautiful one because there are some open areas on the way where you have a pretty view of the cliff and the ocean, which is great for a break to admire and to take pictures. During the walking there are some rough paths with lots of stones. This is not an easy trekking, it requires stamina.

The one from Pântano do Sul is shorter, having around 2 km. This trekking is in the middle of the woods so don't get excited for great views, but it has a great structure with a sort of stair, which makes it an easier trekking. The only thing that you have to worry about this path is the mud that is pretty slippy. 

I have only found information about the boat leaving from Pântano do Sul with the price between R$ 35,00 (approx. US$ 10.60) and R$ 40,00 (approx. US$ 12.11).


When you arrive at Lagoinha spend some time resting, eating and swimming. At the beach there isn't any structure, so you have to bring your own food and water. You are going to need a lot of water, but for our luck there are some small source of spring where you can fill your bottle. I can point two once you arrive at Lagoinha, one at the beginning of Matadeiro's trekking and one near the starting point of Pântano do Sul trekking.

Be careful because the beach there can be a little dangerous to swim, so never go too deep or choose to swim in the pond.

After taking a break, if you are still excited you can do another trekking. At Lagoinha there is a hill called Morro da Coroa ("Crown's Hill(?)") that ends on a dead end, but it is a beautiful place to take pictures. From there you can have a great view of the whole Lagoinha.

Morro da Coroa.


Me and a group of friends (5 people) decided to go there on a Saturday morning (27/Jan/18). We decided that we want to do the two trekkings, so we started with the one from Matadeiro Beach and left the car in a parking lot near this beach, for the whole day we paid R$ 10,00 (approx. US$ 3.03).

Near 10:00 am we were starting the trekking and we took 3 hours to arrive at Lagoinha. In my opinion this was a ROUGH trekking and I really don't know how I finished it making just one small break in the way.

One of the views from Matadeiro's trekking.

Anyway, we were finally seeing sand under our shoes, so we found a place to rest left our belongings there and went into the water, we decided to swim in the pond for safety. After some time we had lunch, in my case a sandwich I have brought from home. We rested a little bit more and decided to keep going.

Then we caught sight of the Morro da Coroa and decided that we should go to the top. In the middle of the climb me and my boyfriend decided to give up, we were too tired, but the rest of the group kept going and took amazing photos at the summit. I think it is worth the effort, but you have to know your limits, and I had reached mine.

View from Morro da Coroa.

When the group was reunited again we started the trekking back. This time we chose the Pântano do Sul that was very muddy, because it had rained the day before and this was the worst part about this trekking, besides the fact that it is in the middle of the woods with no views. No one liked this trekking very much, but I did because it was so much easier and I was almost dead at this point. To complete this trekking we took 1 hour and 30 min. 

When we finished we were on the street and we needed to go back to the car, parked near the beginning of the other trekking, 4 km far away from where we arrived. First of all we thought to use Uber, but there were no cars available on that region. We didn't even think of looking for a bus route, we just decided to walk. After lots of minutes we saw the parking lot and were relieved. 


Matadeiro Beach address: Rua (= street) Luís Gonzaga dos Santos. The beginning of the trekking is at the far right end of the beach.

Pântano do Sul: Rua (= street) Manoel Pedro Oliveira. There is an entrance with a sign almost at the end of the street where the trekking begins.

PS: There is no cellphone signal.


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