Florianópolis: Botanical Garden

Florianópolis Botanical Garden was opened to the public in 2016. Actually, it isn't officially called Botanical Garden, but it is called Botanical Garden Park. And there is a reason for that, so don't get too excited to know this place, otherwise you will be disappointed. 

The park is small and near the entrance you will find a house to your left and a shed to your right. The house is very pretty and modern, it was built in honor to Glauco Olinger an agronomist engineer, pioneer of the rural extension in Santa Catarina. Inside the house there are some art items, a shelf with books for you to read, chairs, toilet and a drinking fountain. The shed was locked.

House Glauco Olinger.
Behind the shed there is a vegetable garden and a medicinal plants garden. Both of them in need of more care because except for some spots they looked like weed. I don't know if it is possible for the population to pick something.

In front of the gardens you can see the kids playground, an area to practice volleyball, a space with hammocks perfect to relax and read a book and a small Azorean woodland with some picnic tables.

You will also find a walking path around a small pond. There are a few wooden chairs to admire the pond and a small bridge crossing it. When I say small I mean pretty, pretty small. And I was able to see a turtle swimming.

I stayed there for 1h and 30 min, looking everything, admiring, resting, taking pictures. And during this time I noticed 3 types of groups going there. There first group are families, because of the playground, parents brought their children to have fun and they spent a lot of time there. Second, a couple of guys that brought some fruits and set on the picnic tables to eat and talk for a while, they didn't look around, so I imagine they go there often. And last type are people that want to discover the Garden, like tourists, because they got in, walked through the whole park (which took approximately 15/20 min) and left.

Why did I stay that long? Because I found out that this is a good place for pictures, and because I was looking everything carefully, paying attention to the details. I also took some time to rest looking at the pond, which is very relaxing.

Do I recommend for you to visit this place? That depends! This is a good place to read a book and relax in the middle of the city, also there are yoga classes on Sundays open to the public. But if you are a tourist that is hosted in a part of the island not so close to the Garden, don't come, at least for now, because it seems that they have plans to make it a better Botanical Garden and maybe one day it will be worth visiting.


Address Rodovia Admar Gonzaga, 742-782 - Itacorubi.

Opening days: From Thursday to Sunday

Opening hours: 
  • From March to October: 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM
  • From November to February: 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM 

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