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Florianópolis | Infinite Pizza at Pop Pizza

Helloo amigos! YEES! You've read the title of this post right. I just translated the name Pop Pizza gives to its all-you-can-eat system! Well, if you like pizza, it's impossible for you not to like infinite pizza.
I know that when we go to these places we usually eat more than we would in a "normal" situation and that's not a good thing. But every once in a while it's OK, right? *say yes, pleasee*
Pop pizza is a pizza place located in a neighborhood called Trindade in Florianópolis. Although it's common in MANY pizza places here in Brazil to have this all-you-can-eat system, at Pop Pizza it is a little bit different.
First, you have to choose if you want free refill beverages or not. Just for the pizza you pay R$ 39,00 and then if you want you can order beverages separately. If you want the beverages already included you pay R$ 49,00. The beverages that are included are beer, water, sodas, juice and ice tea. Everyone that is with you on the table mu…

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